Friday, November 16, 2007

20mm Wehrmacht Engineers

More Fantassin figures. German combat engineers and Flamethrowers. My client picked these as AB don't do suitable figures. They weren't much fun to paint, the details were often a bit fudged. I've heard the helmets are a bit square, and they are, but some AB are guilty of that too. The fact that many of the figures are in camo smocks helped to prolong the process of painting.
A number of these guys suffered from really deep eye sockets, and receding chin, both of which were fixed to an extent with greenstuff, but its an annoyance to have to do it at all. The officer pointing is a particularly ugly face, the guy with the demolition grenade has a lot of flash over the left of his face, and though cleaned up still looks a bit rough. Other than that I'm not sure why I dislike these figures, because objectively they aren't that different from AB.
The flame thrower teams are actually quite nice figures, the leaf camouflage on the operators helmet is well done, and adds a bit of character. I had tried to think of a way to put a flame on the end of the flame thrower, but decided against it in the end as it was too difficult to do without wrecking the nozzle. They look like they are in a fairly static, 'waiting for action' sort of pose anyway.

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